Thursday, 29 October 2015

Robotics After School Program

Grades 1-5 students were excited to participate in this year's Robotics Club.   For the next three weeks students will be building their robot and then programming it for the robot battle which will take place at the end of  session. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

iPad use in Grade 7 Language Arts

In Mr. Savage's Language Arts class, Grade 7 boys have been benefiting from the use of technology in the classroom.   Students accessed a World War I song of remembrance called ,'The Green Fields of France' - a powerful song about a Canadian soldier that had his life cut short on the battlefield of WWI.   They listened intently on headphones and pinpointed key lyrics that helped to shape their original response writing and poetry.   Their writing will be showcased in the Middle School Remembrance Day Ceremony.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Grade 3 Mystery Skype

Students in Mrs. Naiman's Grade 3 class were excited to participate in their first Mystery Skype session of the year.  We were lucky to have met Mr. Carpenter and his Grade 3 students from the Martin J. Gottlieb Jewish Day School in Jacksonville, Florida.  Using geography questions, maps and a Google search engine, students in both classes gathered clues about the mystery location of the other class.  We are excited to have made new friends in Jacksonville and are looking forward to extended collaboration with them throughout the year.

Here are some snapshots of our session today:

Thursday, 22 October 2015

This year, we are offering students in Grades 3-6 the opportunity to learn to touch type with Qwertinomics.  Typing is one of the most valuable skills for all children today, with computers present everywhere in all areas of academic, professional and personal life.  

With our introduction to Qwertinomics this week, students are learning how to increase their productivity while using the computer to complete their academic work. In addition to this, we will examine healthy habits such as keeping the keyboard clean, aligning the keyboard,  mouse and monitor as well as the proper sitting position when using a computer or lap

Here are some pictures of our Grade 6 classes, actively engaged with Qwertinomics. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

SK Students Lab Visit

This week, students in our SK classes started their weekly visits to the computer lab. 

The students were eager and excited to learn about the different parts of the computer and the importance of each one.  As we get to know how the pieces work together, we will use a variety of online tools and software to hone our technical skills while incorporating elements of the SK curriculum.  We started with mouse clicking and navigation using the MS Paint program.  Students practiced using the drawing tools to create a picture, write letters and type their names in both Hebrew and English.