Sunday, 28 February 2016

Exploring Creativity and Digital Storytelling on the iPad

The students in Mrs. Naiman's Grade 3 class used the Explain Everything  app to create a science video.  They were given the challenge of building a strong and stable structure that would be load bearing.   Take at look at this exciting video that was created by one of the students.  

In Ms. Schwartz’s class, students used the Book Creator app to document the process of building a structure that based on specific criteria and mathematical measurements. Students included their hypothesis, experiment results and conclusions.  Click here to view a sample.

In the Grade 3 social studies unit, Living and Working in Ontario, students in Ms. Haber’s class were provided with a Book Creator file with an assortment of pictures of different communities. The students were then asked to sort the pictures according to the community type: Urban, Suburban, or Rural. The students then added in words, sound clips, and/or illustrations to each section of their book in order to describe what each community looks and sounds like.   


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Grade 6 Social Studies Digital Storyboarding

Students in Grade 6 created historical storyboards in their Social Studies classes depicting the culture, lifestyle and traditions of specific First Nations Communities as well as their interactions with Early European explorers. Using elaborate and informative combinations of graphics and texts, students did a great job of bringing history to life. Here are some samples of Storyboards created by students 6B and 6G.  

Flight Stopmotion Animations

Students in Ms. Goldenberg's Grade 6 science classes, worked collaboratively on their Flight unit culminating task. Students were able to choose any flying thing they wanted and had to apply their knowledge of drag, thrust, and resistance to describe how it flies.

Students communicated this information by creating stop motion videos using the StopMotion Studio on theiPads. The final products were creative, resourceful and very informative.   Each group interpreted the project in a different way and each took a unique approach in making their video. 

Here is a sample from 6B: